Jett Noland Race Recap: Rumble By The River 125

Jett Noland raced in the Rumble By The River 125 on Saturday Night at Montgomery Motor Speedway. The race had fans on the edge of their seats and Jett Noland brought his A-game, navigating the twists and turns with precision and determination.
Starting in the 11th spot, Jett eventually moved up into the 5th place spot. He and the team strategized meticulously to keep the car in top shape during this 125 lap race. But, the race unfolded with more caution periods than anticipated, testing both skill and strategy. Despite the best efforts and calculated planning – the fuel tank ran dry.

After refueling, Jett quickly returned to the track and, in a display of true grit and perseverance, clawed his way back into contention, crossing the finish line in 10th place.

“It might not have been the podium finish we wanted,” said Jett, “but we still had a great time racing. Even with the setback, I think the whole team showed off our skill.” recently unpacked their notes from the race, writing that “only three drivers have posted top 10 runs in all four races this season and Jett Noland is one of them. Noland has seven top-10 runs in his last nine starts dating back to last season. It seems like it’s only a matter of time before he visits Victory Lane.”

Saturday’s race was a testament to Jett and the crew’s love for the sport, and we’re looking forward to our next race on April 26: The Deep South Cranes Blizzard 2 at the 5 Flags Speedway. As always, thank you to our sponsors Cohen Law Group, Nolands Roofing, and Specialty Concrete for making racing possible.